Patient Testimonials

Some of the things patients are saying about Dr. Nagy:
"Words can't explain what a Thourough Professional Dr. Nagy is. I haven't found or Trusted any other Neurologist or MD for that matter. I travel to NV Specifically for Dr. Abraham Nagy."
"Dr. Nagy is one of the most caring and competent physicians I have ever encountered. The time he spent with us and the compassion he showed exceeded expectations. My husband has been dealing with an ongoing headache for over two months and he got to the issues -- something other physicians had been unable to do. His staff is pleasant and kind and very helpful. We will be forever grateful to him for the excellent care he provided.
"I recommend Dr. Nagy because he is the most knowledgeable Neurologist in the field of headache. Don't continue to except the pain; call to begin getting help with this debilitating condition."

"Dr. Nagy and his staff get my highest recommendation. He helped me manage and improve my life by dramatically lowering the frequency and intensity of my tough-to-resolve migraines when other doctors couldnt Dr. Nagy is competent, conscientious, kind and caring. Since Dr. Nagys practice specializes in providing migraine relief, you will get the best care if you come prepared with as much information about what you have previously tried as possible. Also, you should be willing to be a partner with him in your care to make each appointment count. If you do, you will get the best medical advice and (most importantly) superior results."  

"Contact Dr. Nagy if you deal with headaches. He will diagnose the type of headaches you have, then work with you to remedy them. Dr. Nagy is by far the BEST doctor I have ever worked with. That is what it's like being his patient, we are working together to figure out the best treatment plan for my migraine headaches."

"After years of seeing doctors for migraines and being told that I am just depressed, I found the greatest specialist for my migraines. I can't thank their team enough! If you want the best, Dr. Nagy is it!"

"Dr. Nagy is the first Neurologist to reduce the frequency and intensity of my Migraines. I have been to many "so called headache specialists" around the country only to hear there is nothing I can do for you. Thank you Dr. Nagy for your knowledge, patience and reassuring demeanor. I never gave up searching for a cure for my headaches. I am so grateful I found Dr. Nagy who gave my quality of life back. He is the best doctor I've had the pleasure to go to. His staff is remarkable. They are kind, helpful and professional."


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